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Blackberry BES - Connect to exchange mailbox in untrusted domain?

Hi everybody,

Hope this is the correct place for this....

We have a Blackberry Enterprise Server ( in our NT4 / MSX5.5 environment.  We run about 75 devices and find it to be excellent!

However, we have recently acquired another company who run a w2k3 AD domain with one msx 2k3 box.  For various reasons out of the scope of this question, we do not wish to setup a trust between the two domains - the two companies operate completely independently of each other on all but the highest level.

We have been asked if we can provide one of the users in the untrusted domain with a Blackberry device.  Rather than purchasing and installing a Blackberry Server for the untrusted domain, I am wondering if we can somehow configure our current BES (in our domain) to connect to a mailbox in this untrusted domain.

I understand how the BES connects to msx with a service account, and that obviously to connect to the untrusted msx box we would somehow need to throw a username/password from the unstrusted domain, so my questions is: - Does anybody know if this is possible?  Has anybody tried this?

Perhaps the answer is in the Windows networking rather than the BES but I'm looking for any suggestions and/or advice.

Thanks very much guys.


1 Solution
I've set up a few blackberry servers and have done admin for a while so maybe I can help.

Considering the 2 separate domains and the 2 different exchange verions (5.5 vs. 2003) I think the best choice is to keep the new blackberry off of the BES.

My suggestion is to create an external contact on the acquired company's exchange server that forwards messages to the blackberry device.

For instance, I worked with Blackberry's from Verizon and Nextel.  I'd (or I'd ask the user) to go to the Nextel's Blackberry setup-web-site and create their Blackberry e-mail account. i.e. JoeSmith@nextel.blackberry.net

Then, on my exchange server, I'd create an extenal contact named Joe Smith with an SMTP address of JoeSmith@nextel.blackberry.net.  Next, I'd forward a copy of Joe Smith's e-mail to the external contact I made.  So, for each e-mail he receives, a copy goes to his blackberry e-mail address which in turn goes to the b-berry device itself.

I originally thought you could just create an e-mail address for this new blackberry person on your own 5.5 exch server.
Then, just forward e-mails from exch.2003 (joesmith@acquiredcompany.com) to exch. 5.5 (joesmith@yourcurrentcompany.com)  You'd set up the blackberry device for joesmith@yourcurrentcompany.com just like all the other blackberry units you have.

BUT......the glitch with that method is that when "Joe Smith" sent e-mail FROM his blackberry it would say it's from "yourcurrentcompany.com" and he'd probably want it to be from "acquiredcompany.com"......follow?

Which is why I was abandoning that idea.

Here are 2 links to two great Blackberry Boards as well:




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