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I'm looking for a logfile analyser! i've  just finished my logfile server, and I think it can be handy to analyse the logs in a nice viewable way.
So i was thing of a logfile analyser that could show me logfiles in a webbased way.

logfiles e.g.

Could you guys help me out here, and give me some advice of what logfile analyser tot take ( has to be FREEWARE ). I've searched google and freshmeat but couldn't find a clear answer, cause all the logfile analysers I found  were just for webstatics etc.

thnx in advance
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sekargopiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
check this site, it lists few system log file analyzers


another good site is: http://linux.tucows.com

The standard is to use 'logwatch' and specify patterns to include/exclude.  This way, trivial log data can be ignored, while critical log data can be immediately highlighted.  (Unrecognized data is also included, but in a separate section).  It should be possible to have logwatch output go to a regular file, but HTML formatting would require custom scripts.  I would check freshmeat.

Also BigBrother (www.bb4.org) may be of interest; it allows web-based monitoring of one or more servers thru the installation of agents on each monitored system.  It can be used to monitor any number of conditions, the most common being network connectivity, CPU usage and disk space.  BigBrother is available in the common free version, as well as a commercially supported version that includes features for mass-deployment (e.g. on Windows servers in addition to Linux) with little prerequisite knowledge.
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