Setting up a view to display NagList

qwaletee suggested creating a view with the following as the select formula

overdue := @Today <= DueDate;
naggies := @Trim(NagList);
empty := naggies = "";
SELECT overdue & !empty;

I have 2 questions -
1. The select is not picking a form?
2. what column needs to be in place to display the results? (NagList?)

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HappyFunBallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I assume you want "overdue" equal to True when the DueDate is tomorrow, today, or in the past.  Is that correct?

Here's the code for the that scenario:

overdue := @Adjust(@Today; 0;0;1;0;0;0) >= DueDate;
You're not required to filter by form in a view, although often you will filter that way.  

You can use any columns you want.  The selection formula specifies what documents to show in the view.  For your columns, you can pick any fields from those documents.
JaziarAuthor Commented:
How could I make this statement look for 1 day before the DueDate

overdue := @Today <= DueDate;
JaziarAuthor Commented:
Happy you have been a great help to me - thanks for your promptness.  
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