rename user mailboxes? Exchange 2003

not talking about the display name here. I actually want to change the mailbox name - the one that appears in the URL of OWA.  Is there any way to do this? we performed a migration of users and may end up having a mailbox name conflict.
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flyguybobConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not that I know of.  I had this problem after a user changed her married name to her maiden name.  I renamed the account, changed the display name, etc.  I finally exported the mail and rules, ran the cleanup agent, purged the mailbox, and then created a new mailbox and imported the data.
It may be possible to change it with ADSIEdit and MDBVu32, but that would definitely make me nervous to poke around with the mailbox.

Leave the question open for a few days and see if one of the other experts grabs it.  Chances are one of the Exchange folks that knows scripting may know a trick.
The OWA mailbox name is dependent upon the mailbox alias name in Exchange.  
Your migration software should notify you of this and should not allow the two to collide.  Usually it will add a 1 to the end of the alias.
atheluAuthor Commented:
but is there any way to change it after the fact? i have changed my alias, but it does not modify the mailbox name. I looked in adsi and did not see any value other than and exchangelegacyDN that pointed to the mailbox.

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