List crontab for a different user from within a perl script


Is it possible for a user "A" to execute a perl script - that would read the crontab listings of another user "B"?? If so please explain how.

Thanks in advance.

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The crontabs are normally kept as files, often in a directory named "/var/cron/tabs" or "/var/spool/cron/crontabs". You'll find that  an unprivileged user will not be able to read the crontabs of other users or, possibly, even read the crontab directory.

Perhaps if you'll explain a little more about what you're attempting to accomplish, we can provide a solution.
sushiltannaAuthor Commented:
User "A" is neither root nor does he have any special rights.
The only way to acheive what you want is by writing a SUID perl script, or using a tool like sudo.
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