Cisco 2600 Port Monitoring

Is there a show command or term mon type command that would allow me to monitor outgoing traffic on port 25 on a Cisco 2600?
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Netflow would tell you if you enable it on the external interface:
  ip route-cache flow

Then you can use "show ip route flow"

Or you can export it to a collector like NTOP..

Else, you can configure an access-list to permit outgoing traffic on port 25 and log hits to the syslog:
  access-list 109 permit tcp any 25 any log
  access-list 109 permit ip any any
 interface <external> x/x
   access-group 109 out
   ip accounting

sho log
sho access-list
sho ip account

lalgarinAuthor Commented:
To lrmoore:

You answered my question exactly.  Looks like this has been a good investment!
Glad to help!
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