Server Maint, question from a noob.

On a small network.  With ONE server as the PDC runing server 2k3.

Is the defrag software that comes with server 2k3 good enough?

How often should this be run?

What other maint util should be run to keep this bad boy runing?

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kfullartonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The standard defrag software is all you need from that aspect.  Just for the sake of redundancy, you may want to add a second domain controller.  You could also go as far to setup a dfs to replicate you file shares.  This way, if you have a hardware failure, you're not dead in the water.
mrchaos101Author Commented:
We are a small net work.

Server has 2 gig ram

2  1.4Gig CPu's  AMD 64bit

MSI motherboard.

We have about 20 computers.

Not sure we need another server.  The old one is still up and running the whole net work on NT4

I go live Friday with the new server.
The server can definately handle the load.  I was just suggesting a possible solution in the event you have a hardware failure so that your users could still function.  What are you using for email?
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mrchaos101Author Commented:
I wish we had exchange server.

Our email is though our domain host.
Then you should be fine.  I would schedule the defrag to run once a week maybe.  It will only run if needs to.
Ron MalmsteadConnect With a Mentor Information Services ManagerCommented:
You do not need to defrag your server....

My servers have been running solid for 4yrs without a single defrag.

If you do need to defrag....I would suggest doing it in "safe" mode.......It will finish quicker, prevent data corruption/loss, and prevent the server from locking up during the process ...or constantly restarting the defrag....

One thing you can do to keep things clean is to automate your disk cleanup.....

Create the task to run before backups occur.

mrchaos101Author Commented:

WOW  I have "never" heard that.  Was told that if you dont defrag then that is "poor" house cleaning.

Can you explain? This is our file server.  Files created and delted constanly.

True, you don't need to, but your performance will eventually suffer.
beaconlightboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To elaborate, many server os's cache write requests so that they can be placed in the proper sequence for faster access later.  this is why you don't need to defrag all the time.  hope this helps.
shanedsouzaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you should also be running a chkdsk preferably at every restart. My maintenance plans include chkdsk /f and defrag of ALL drives on ALL my 30 servers every week! I also use pagedfrg ( to defrag the pagefile, etc at startup since that cant be defragmented during runtime.
detox1978Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In answer to your question, the defrag tool with windows is more than fine, but I wouldn't worry about defragging the server too often, we do it once a month, which is overkill

I would look more into the backup / recovery, and how are the hard drives configured.  

We always use RAIND0+1 (to physical disks mirrowed) for the system volume and RAID5 for the rest (usually 3 big disks)

It is also worth taking some bench mark stats on RAM, CPU, I/O, Pagefile usage (performance montior in admin tools is good enough) so you have something to compare to in a years time.

hope that helps...
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