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I have a VP of a client company who will be travelling overseas soon to Italy from the US.  His concern is connecting via VPN.  He already has an account via pix & connects on the road very frequently.  He should be able to connect with no problems, correct?
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Big5250Connect With a Mentor Commented:
One issue that you need to investigate is the encryption strength that can be used.  I'm pretty sure that you can't use 128Bit outside of the us.  You might be stuck with only using 40bit.
VPN will be no problem.  He will need an account for allowing internet access if he will be dialling in anywhere though e.g. hotel etc.  There are several of these around - most give you access dialup numbers in every country for a nominal fee.  If he will not be travelling everywhere or not travelling very frequently, he could just get a free dialup connection from an Italian provider.
mentisgroupAuthor Commented:
That is what I thought but was not sure.  
Check out the following link:


Looks like 56bit
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