How can I flash an IBM 8183 Thinkcenter BIOS and have it pull a custom default settings file?

I updated some IBM BIOS's for the 8183 Thinkcenters. I put in a floppy disk, reboot and it flashes the BIOS and i take disk out and reboot. If I want to do any custom BIOS settings, like enable WOL wake on lan for the primary boot sequence, set a BIOS password, or any other settings I have to do it manually.

Is there any way to add a configuration file of my Favorite BIOS settings to the BIOS flash disk, so that when it updates the FLASH and applies my custom configuration settings. This way I could easily like change the BIOS password like every month very easliy or change some settings "overnight" for like BIOS power options and settings. IBM director is not an option (unless I do not need to install it on the clients - it conflicts with many of our apps). Thanks!
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wlennonConnect With a Mentor VP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
All BIOS settings have to be done maually, as the BIOS file itself cannot be programmed, and any attempt to do so could be dangerous.  

There is the possiblity of running a program or I should say settings from another floopy that will boot you into BIOS, but that really defeats the purpose.  

Every flash doesn't automatically change your manual settings, so if you have WOL enabled already, it would be strange for a flash to change settings back to the defualt.
Diane258Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Short answer..NO.

If there is, i have never seen them.
atkfrg56Author Commented:
Hmm. Here is a crazy idea... What if i can use a key logger hardware device to do it. Such as i plug a logger in, do all the BIOS settings and it records the keystrokes. Since the BIOS settings are all the same, same keystrokes and stuff....somehow get the keystroke recorder to then output my saved keystrokes. Is that possible?

I just dont like the idea to setup the BIOS for about 1500 comptuers. thx
wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
Most all Key Loggers or for recording keys...keybord strokes to see where or what someone has been typing, and normally used for security purposes, but it's something I will look into.

My original idea was along the lines of a Boot Floopy or Boot CD ROM that would have executable Dos Mode commands.  The bigger problem would be to see if all 1500 PC's are already setup to search the floppy prior to going to the Boot Disk (Hard Drive).

I am not sure something like this can be done, there are too many varibles in the BIOS Featurs, and possilby different BIOS's...Award, AMI, and so on...

atkfrg56Author Commented:
There are basically 4 models of computers, all of which are IBM. It would be fine if I had to hand detail the settings for each one, and the disk only worked with 1 model.

The BIOS is basically a chip with sections. One section holds the main BIOS image, and thats what we update.The other section holds the variables and settings.  I was thinking maybe we could take a snapshot of the stored variables in the BIOS and make an image of that. Then we can flash the entire BIOS and write the BIOS and the settings part.

Maybe if we get a hacker BIOS app that captures the entire BIOS Flash image, the entire image.....then we can flash the entire image back. The image would have all info and settings. Downside, the computer serial is a variable in the BIOS somewhere.

With an IBM BIOS disk, it gives me the options to enter back in the serial and model of the CPU, those are the only settings that can be changed via the BIOS boot disk...and are manual.
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