Electrical power quality monitoring equipment required.

I require a good quality voltage monitoring device that can be plugged into an outlet so I can monitor the power quality that my computers are plugged into.  Preferably I would like this to be plugged into a network port so it can send packet information to my computer in real time and come with a software package to interpret the data and display it.

Any suggestions on equipment that's available (web links or items available at big box electronics stores such as Radio Shack, Best Buy etc)
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rudy_baggaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The people who really care about power quality monitoring use equipment from Dranetz.   http://www.dranetz-bmi.com/ 

I am guessing that these systems are a bit more than what you are asking for but it is a good place to start.
While i don't have any specific product for you. I can say that some of the higher end UPS(Uninteruptiable power supply) do have this functionality built into them. Cost should be around $250-$400
wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
This one is close, the main thing is that a UPS will deliver the corrrect voltages at all times, plus if you have a power failure in your home or office, it will shut down an unattended system without losing data.

The software has onscreen monitering, you can also plugin a a standard telephone line or DSL, and has Ethernet in and out for extra protection.

This one costs at this site $127.60, but most likely can be found cheaper by shopping around (one similar).  I have not used my PC, Monitor, Ethernet or Printer without a UPC in 10 years.  It has save my bottom more times than I know, especially working on a long program, and the power go down.


It also has: 2-year manufacturer warranty, and $200,000 ultimate lifetime insurance
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You need a "Smart" UPS with AVR(automatic voltage regulation)...these are fairly expensve but prevent damage caused by brown outs and spikes not just outages. A Smart UPS will provide smart signaling as mentioned by Diane, and only an UPS with AVR will achieve voltage regulation. Communication between the UPS is generally via the PC(Serial port or USB port). Many units can be configured to e-mail and even call a pager when detecting problems. (networking also)
This is a reliable company and product in my humble opinion. I whole heartedly agree with wlennon, as I don't plug in without a clean, regulated and protected power source. Hardware related issues are reduced dramatically.
If you believe that the public electric utility gives you clean reliable power at the correct voltage and frequency...you probably still believe in the tooth fairy.
we sell energy monitoring devices.
please visit <link Removed> for usa/cn customers. Click on products, then power quality.
lundcaAuthor Commented:
Thanks rudy, good link - exactly what I was looking for.
I appologise about this. But this is one of the solution that can be used. I am not working for the usa/canada side, and made no profit from any sales.

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