MS Outlook Freezing When Trying To Launch Word To Reply To Specific Email

MS Outlook is causing the whole computer to freeze when replying to one specific email received from our website visitor.

One of the times it appeared to be trying to launch word, but it never did launch word.  I changed the setting to NOT use MS Word to edit email messages and that allowed me to reply.  However, I would like to use word and would like to fix the problem.  Except I don't know what the problem is.
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a common problem.  this worked for me in the past:

if your copy of office is registered, go to this site and click on "check for updates"
Try searching for the file on your pc - make sure all Office programs are close, and to include hidden/system folders in your search - delete all versions of this file that you find - when the files are gone, start Word (This is to recreate the template file) - After that, open Outlook and try replying to your email.
one2goofyAuthor Commented:
I did exactly as instructed and then tested the email in Outlook and it's still having the same problem.
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