Adding a Standard TCP/IP Port and Print Driver over login script

I have see this question asked but not a good answer given.  I have 4 imagerunner printers, I want to connect 50 machines dirctly to this printer, not as a shared printer but directly to its IP. I do this useally by creating a TCP/IP Port, then choosing the printer driver, works great. However when I share the printer over the network, problems ensue regarding print auditing. So instead of connecting to it as a shared printer I would like to set each comptuer to connect to it directly, via a login script or msi file. Please explain how i can do this.
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you can do it the same way as you did on the server.

theres a tool that mirosoft has called print migrator or manager i think, you can run it on any machine it will back the printer configuration up, and then restore it to any machine and all the settings will be maintained. i have a copy i can email it to youo if you want
it works a treat actually, i backed up one of our printer servers, 40 printers on it, restored them all to my desk top. installs the drivers as well
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