move outlook 2003 calendar to palm desktop

I am using outlook 2003 to manage my calendar.  I don't want to use outlook anymore and want to move all my outlook events to palm desktop.

Palm desktop supports importation of DBA or VCS files.  Outlook, as far as I can tell will only export:

CSV, PST, Access, Excel, and Tab.

I even tried downloading Sunbird, importing into that.  Sunbird exports in ICS which still does me no good.  I know that I can export every event one-by-one from outlook by clicking the event and File>Save As... where I can save it as a VCS.  Is there a way to select all events and do a save as?

I know there has got to be a solution out there. Thanks!

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Use a PDA as an intermediary.

Sync Outlook to PDA, uninstall Outlook sync software (you'll probably have to reinstall Palm Desktop after that), then sync to Palm Desktop.

Provide info on what type of PDA you're using and what software you're using to sync to Outlook calendar.
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