Prevent Redirected Documents from Caching local copy on specific machines.

I want to enable roaming profiles and redirected documents for all users in my Windows environment. All users are running XP SP2 and our servers are Server 2000/2003. All users must be able to have access to their redirected documents offline as many of them travel out of office with their laptops. However, we do not want the user's documents to load onto certain machines in the office, for example a computer in a conference room, this due to the fact that many users have My Document's folders  gigabytes in size and it would take too long for their folders to load onto the conference room computer. Is there any way to prevent redirected documents from caching on a specific machine? I have been experimenting with this for 2 days now and have not been able to figure it out.
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kain21Connect With a Mentor Commented:
it will only be overridden if the same group policies are defined to specifically enable offline files... if the setting is not defined in the domain policy then the local policy would be applied... when redirecting folders it is assumed by default to enable offline files... it doesn't configure the enable offline files group policy... if you disable it at the local policy level then it would enforce setting that is defined on the local security policy and not the setting that isn't defined in the domain pollicy...
there's several group policies that you could apply to the local security policy on the workstations you need to disable offline files on... here's a website...

make sure you do it at the local computer level so it will be specific to that computer as these settings are applied to users not computers... this way when someone logs onto the computer with the local policy offline files will be turned off for that session but if they log onto a computer without the local security policy offline files will be turned on...
thelaziestninjaAuthor Commented:
This doesn't really help me as the local computer policy will be overidden by the domain policy.
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