getting field dialog list newly added user entries to save on list.

How can I save newly entered data in a dialog list field?  I see the new entry that is not on the "already created list" in a view but when I go to a new form, I can not find the newly entered entry on the dialog list.
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You have to save the keywords into a document and list in view.. then use dblookup/dbcolumn to populate keywords

Scenario 1:
if you have pre - existing list of values in the list field and not using lookup's or dbcolumn
create a new field.
Update this field with that new value and also the list field.
and then use @unique(newfield : "your existing list of values")

Scenario 2:
If u are fetching from View using Dblookup and dbcolumn then
create a new field
Update this field with the new value and also the list field.
then in the code for the list field, use
res:=@dbcolumn (....);

glad2bmeAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both HemanthaKumar and madheeswar for your help.  I went with HemanthaKumar because it was simple and first on the list.  Thanks again...
Hmm.. didn't thought of Split?
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