Isaserver Standard Edition as Filtering WebProxy solution

I have received a copy of ISA server 2004 STANDARD to replace our current filtering proxy.    However the installation doesn't allow me the option of not installing the firewall and just install the webproxy like in isaserver 2000.     All the tutorials are either for ENTERPRISE or Isaserver 2000.    Instructions assume I am using enterprise or want and need the firewall.  I already have two firewalls in place and don't need another level of complexity.   I went to and it was more of the same
Does any know where I can find instructions to just install the web proxy service in isaserver 2004 STANDARD.

Thanks for any help
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alimuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The short answer is, you can't.  In addition to that, if you install it and disable it, most of the functionality of ISA will not be available (which in addition to it probably not being able to do what you want, it'll be a bit of a waste really).  Have a read of this: , it runs through the different modes of operation in ISA 2004.
If you want detailed instructions on how to install and configure isa 2004, along with the usual microsoft technet stuff, has bucketloads of articles, faqs, configuration guides and how-tos..
Any questions or need clarification just let me know.
wpstechAuthor Commented:
well my tutorial for isaserver is for isaserver 2000.    It was much more modular - so if I understand you correctly - then if I just want the web proxy - then I have to use isaserver 2000.  

Thanks for the quick response
If you've already paid for it you may as well use it.... firewall and proxy are now pretty integrated though, it does a whole lot more than just proxy requests.  We run a bunch of hardware firewalls + clustered ISA with a 3rd party product sitting on top... there's no problem with doing that sort of thing if that's your concern.
As for "should I just use isa 2000" - if you're not using isa functionality it would probably be in your best interests to look at a cheaper product.
What's your configuration? Is the proxy sitting between users and the internet or is it just caching content (eg: speeding up access for regional users hitting a central intranet site / cascading requests to the "real" proxy server)

btw - there's not really that obvious a difference between enterprise and standard from apart from the ability to define global policies in ent.
wpstechAuthor Commented:
my config is a school system - we have to use a content filtering software for the web for all users.
symantec web security is our current product but it only supports ports 80, 20(21), 443
we cannot open it for video or audio streaming - guess what?  more and more educational content is
being presented on the web in audio and video formats.  So we are looking for a proxy with content filtering
that allows us to open ports so it is configurable.   This pretty much leaves us with ISA server.  I installed isaserver 2000 and put up the web proxy but it only does the same three services.   The tutorial indicates that I can add securenat for additional
ports - so I am reading how to do that.   However in all the firewall stuff it is hard to figure out what I need to install and what I don't

This is a test server until July.  

Thanks for the information - I appreciate any insight you have on the above configuration.  Therefore I increased the points and accepted your solution
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