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Identification of unlabeled motherboard

I'm working on a PC with a mother board I can't identify.  I need to download drivers for this motherboard but I,m not having any luck figuring it out which one it is.  I opened the case and excamined this board for some time.  Using the Everest hardware inventory utility i collected a little bit of information.

Manufacturer:  Elite Computer Systems
Chip set: north bridge Sis 650
Motherboard ID      62-0722-001131-00101111-040201-SiS65X$M935LR_Release 07/22/2002

I went to the ECS website and tried to find a M935LR motherboard but it was not there.  I tried searching with Sis65 in the string but it was to no avail.  how can I get the drivers for this thing?
Gary Gordon
Gary Gordon
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Hi ggordon777,

I'm not sure if this will help, but I found this site http://www.wilkinsonpc.com.co/productos/partes/hard01b16.html which had me search a bit and find this... http://www.pcchipsusa.com   and all that led me to this driver download page  :)


there are 2 in there that are really close...   M935DLMR and M935DELMR   (most likely the first one will be the right one)

Good Luck!  :)
wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
You might try SiSoft Sandra...SIS is the Chipset on the board.

http://active-hardware.com/english/misc/sandra.html this has identified many motherboards.

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if the bios is ami bios, try this http://www.ami.com/support/mbid.cfm
http://www.wimsbios.com is another great site to identify the motherboard
as wompey suggests, its a pcchips board..
u can find all the pcchips board here http://www.pcchips.com.tw/PCCWeb/Downloads/Archive_Download.aspx?CategoryID=1&MenuID=45&LanID=0 and find the right m935 board..
It has CPU: Socket mPGA 478
CPU supports: Pentium (4 Willamette/Northwood) and Celeron
FSB: 400Mhz.
Form Factor: Micro ATX
Chipset: North bridge: SiS650 and Southbridge SiS961
Supported memory:
2 grooves for 168-pin and two for 184-pin DDR RAM.
The max is 2GB.
AGP is 4X.

You can also check the link:

For the North bride and south brigde, you can download the drivers from the link:


You have an AMI BIOS... AMI has a board ID utility...

The "001131" in the BIOS string says
-> Manufactured by ELITEGROUP COMPUTER CO., LTD. (A.K.A. "ECS")

1437 or xx1437 Would indicate Hsing Tech.
(The actual manufacturer of PcChips boards)

NOW, The "M935LR" is a typical number for Hsing Tech manufactured boards and PcChips is WAY FAR from the only company Hsing Tech sells boards to. What often happens is the purchasing company buys the boards from Hsing Tech with no BOIS chip installed and then they install their own customized BIOS.
~~ I'm thinkin' that's what ya got there..

Here's a list of ECS boards by chipset..

When ALL else fails.. Look for drivers for the individual chips..
Find one fore the chipset..
One for the video chip.
One for the sound chip.
~~ Painful but it works...
http://www.snapfiles.com/get/everest.html      Download and installEverest it will give you the motherboard name and manufacturer as well as a link to obtain support.
Dr. HArdware is a good choice for this task.
is there nothing printed on the MOBO? like 35-8800-001?
Hi, Nice Ideas above, but there is one that always works for me. Goto drivermagic.com, register for the trial version, get the download, download the wizard, and it works as smooth as a silk gown (:p). The thing is rad.
apart from identfying the mobo, (and all other stuff, the whole device driver thingy basically)it'll even show you a link to any drivers/stuff that you want, that are avail on the website..

Do and tell

This is historically a confusion with people that don't understand where 'genaric' boards really come from. The motherboard is just a circuit. The BIOS is the brain.

With that BIOS string it is NOT a PcChips board as so many in here are trying to tell you.

It maybe identical to 'a' PcChips board *electrically* and even have come off the same Hsing Tech assembly line as the/a PcChips board.

If you replace the BIOS chip with one from that PcChips board it would then in effect be a PcChips board. ~ But you don't have a PcChips BIOS and thought it's usually the case the BIOS isn't the only thing that Hsing Tech will customize for a client.

With other BIOS chips it could possibly become: Amptron, Alton, Matsonic, ECS, Edom, Pine, Vtech. Winco, and DOZENS of other's who at one time or another have all re-BIOSed and relabled Hsing Tech boards as their own.
(( In some cases you can flash BIOS's across manufacturers if you are SURE it's the same board and base BIOS program. I had an Amptron board a while back that ran better with the Matsonic BIOS for the same board. Matsonic had updated the BIOS for newer CPU's and Amptron had not.. ))

You have an ECS BIOS. You have an ECS board.

Beyond the BIOS itself.. If you have the same array of chips on the board the drivers for the PcChips board will work fine. (All the chips, right down to the USB and I/O chips.)
If you dig around you'll find a lot more articles like this.


At least some of their boards were Hsing Tech manufactured -->>
Amptron , Alton , Houstontech , Matsonic , Tigerdirect , Eurone , Pcware , PC100, (Many others).

(( I'm lead to believe even Asus-Tek (NOT 'Asus', just Asus-Tek) come off Hsing Tech assembly lines. Contract between Hsing Tech and Asus.))

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