Redhat 9 + Dell Inspiron 8200 (Radeon 9000) + External SyncMaster 175v

Hello, I have just installed Redhat 9 on my Dell I8200 and I have a docking station for it with a SyncMaster 175v attached to it. I am having a video issue with the external LCD. It makes the screen run at 640x480 resolution no matter how many times I change the frequencies and resolutions. When I take the laptop out the docking station, The built-in LCD works perfectly. I also tried using an old CRT monitor and it worked perfectly. I know linux used to have some issues with the Radeon 9000 card and was wondering if that has something to do with it? Thanks.
Darren KattanIT ConsultantAsked:
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd recommend a better supported and modern version than redhat 9. Redhat itself has discontinued support for redhat 9. There is a project, fedora-core and fedora-legacy. Fedora-Legacy includes the old redhat versions which used to be free, up to version 9, Fedora-Core includes more current versions, of which fedora-core-3 is the most current. The just released redhat enterprise 4 version is based on fedora-core 3. Fedora-core just uses the more modern software, some of which may not yet be completely tested, but it works OK, is free and there is an updating tool which works well. It uses thenewest kernel (2.6.11), so driver problems may be solved which you had. If you visit the redhat site, click on the fedora link to get directed to the download sites. Or the direct address would be:

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