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Edit DNS for Network Card on Netware 6

I have a Netware 6 SP5 Server.

It runs Symantec Corporate Edition, but currently can not gain access to the internet to do live updates.

Where would I go to check this?

I know I can use the DNS DHCP Console, but I just want to add DNS for the network card, not setup DNS for the whole network.  Can it be done in autoexec.ncf?


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Is/are your network card(s) configured manually in autoexec.ncf or are you using inetcfg?

If you're using inetcfg, the name server and default route info is configured in the IP configuration, not on the card itself.

If you're doing it manually in autoexec.ncf, you add the GATE= parameter to the BIND statement to specify the default route and you specify the name server(s) in the RESOLV.CFG file in SYS:\ETC.
He might need to start at a more basic level.

After adding the card to the server and bringing the server up, he'll need to run NWCONFIG to identify the card and load the proper driver, won't he? I don't think that version of NetWare (Note: its no longer supported; v6.5 is the supported version of the v6.x line) will auto-detect it.
I think he already has a working server that's on the network, just needs to get it configured so SAVCE can find the update site, if I read it right.
have you tried loading the ping.nlm and using it to see if you can get anywhere outside your network? Has this ever worked?

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