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How should I approach this big problem with Linux and email (sendmail, qmail, postfix) ?

Hello All,

This might seem pretty noobish but I will appreciate any response regardless.

Due to some new regulations I will need to start capturing and archiving every email sent and received from around 300+ different domains spread out across the nation (400+ individual email addresses roughly).

All these email addresses and domains have been set up by the users themselves so there could be 300+ different email hosting companies involved.

My question is:

Would it be possible to build a good Linux server that can become the pop3/smtp server for all 400+ email addresses without moving over all 300+ domains to this new box?

Seems to me like the new server might be able to deliver mail for the 400 email accounts but unless each and every domain is changed to point to this new server, all the emails sent to these 400 email addresses would bypass it. Is there a much more intelligent approach to this that someone could offer to me?

Thank you very much for responding!


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Unless those 400 users are sending/receiving a really large volume of mail there'd be no problem building a mail server that will easily handle the load. It won't matter that there's some 300 virtual domains involved except that it will be necessary to modify the DNS records for each domain to use this Linux box as the MX record for each domain. And other virtual domain services (web, ftp, etc) can remain unchanged in the DNS unless a web application for a domain sends outgoing mail. In that case the web app needs to be modified to use the mail server on your Linux system.
madabdul82Author Commented:

Ok, that makes sense. Its not going to be fun to change the DNS MX record for 300 domains but I guess there is not much choice in the matter.

Yep, that's a required part of the solution.

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