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grant modify rights to subfolders under a read only root folder

This issue has been my focus for the better part of the day and would make my day/week if a remedy could be found.

The scenario is:
an entire department has a mapped shared drive to which they do all their work.
Due to various changes that have been made, the managers would like users to be unable to add/delete any folders in that root folder, but have modify rights on all subfolders and files contained within.

What I have done is created two groups: Moderators and Users.
The Moderators have modify rights from the root down...not a problem.

The problem comes when I attempt to restrict permissions to the root and open up permissions on all of the subfolders and files contained.
I have tried a number of different ways to accomplish this, but the results are either too much access or not enough.

Does anyone have a way to make this happen?

Thank you in advance.

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I do believe that you can do this , using the 'Advanced' button under security. You can share with Full Control, and then use NTFS to lock it down. In the Advanced options, you can select to apply the permission to just the folder, or to just the files and subfolders. Also, make sure that you turn off the 'inherit permissions from above' checkbox so that doesn't confuse things.

I'll do a test and let you know if I get it working...
carrizosa_mdAuthor Commented:
I have played with these settings over and over again, but was unable to make the correct settings stick. If the permissions were reversed and the root was to be wide open and the subfolders locked down, this would be no problem.

I finally went the long way around and locked down the root, broke inheritence on the subfolders, gave explicit permissions all at once to all the subfolders by removing all permissions and adding what I needed. Also, checking inheritence on all 3rd level subfolders.

This should work fine for now, but if other subfolders are created by the moderators they would have to be set with the proper permissions for each instance or give change permissions to the moderators to do it themselves.

We all know how that might turn out.

I thought there might be an eaisier, automated process for taking care of this.

I don't think there is any automated way...unless maybe some 3rd party tools can do it.
carrizosa_mdAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your effort !!!!!
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