Point of Sale for Grocery Store (what's platform and software?)

Hi experts,

I would like to know what is the "common" platform, software used ( .NET, or C or VB etc.) and common RDBMS used when it comes to Electronic Point of Sale System for a Grocery Store?

Thank you :)
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ArjiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are correct about the hardware.  Also, I would think you would want to use a language that allows the compiling of your code to an .exe file.  For that sort of project I would code in either VB or VC++.  You can talk to your hardware with either.  From that point it's really what's more comfortable for you.  
Most systems I've seen were done with SQL Server.  However, any stable high end RDBMS would be appropriate. ie; MySQL, Oracle, Informix, etc.  This is not so much for the size but for stability and reliability.  Access is known for corruption and is not a very good choice for a long term system
sokhodomAuthor Commented:
thanks Arji,
I'm thinking of MySQL because it's open source. How about Programming of choice? What do you think?
When it comes to programming of choice, i think it must somehow can interact with the hardware (printer, drawer etc.) easily.

HypercubeTechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
.net, php, c++ can all interact with devices (com, lpt or usb). it would really depend on your experience and comfort.. I have seen recently alot of people
doing web based apps for POS, as long as your running a server locally for security. There are alot of options, a prepackaged deal is what i would look for sourceforge.net

apeters89Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Our current system utilizes the Informix database.  The GUI could have been written in almost any of the previously mentioned languages but ours was most likely written with C++.
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