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How to start with Knoppix?

Hello Experts.

I have been advised to boot from Knoppix CD to test
T6212 Linux compatibility.

I've connected to some university site folder knoppix and see a batch of files there.
Intuitively, I know that I should download *.iso file, but don't know which one.

1. Are there alpha test files (bad files) which must be avoided?
2. Can I judge them by digits in the name?
3. Some have 0 length.
    Should I avoid this, for example: KNOPPIX_V3.8.1-2005-04-08-DE.iso size 0
4. What time stamp is preferrable?
5. It will take about 24 hours to download. Any store sells them? (I don't by on line.)
6. When I try to find instructions, there is a batch of FAQ, Readmes.
    Is anywere the file with few words instruction what to download and  how to burn?

Thank you.

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1 Solution
I used the following site:



You'll see the size is about 700 MB.

The following shops should sell knoppix CDs:


If you buy the CD, it is ready for use, you just make sure the PCuses the CD Rom as the first boot device and it'll start.

is the most current version. If you burn it under linux using the program k3b, the burning program will calculate the md5 value. This value you can compare with the .md5 file. If it is the same, the iso file is ok and you can burn it. I don't know of any windows method of calculating the md5 sum for a iso file, so there I'd just use the appropriate burning software without verifying the checksum.
beaverton8770Author Commented:
Thank you rindi, in four hours I expect to finish download from your link.

Do I need any other files to roll the program?
I have GNU version of md5 for Windows GUI, there should be no problem with md5.
I am a litte uncertain about buring. I have B's Gold 5 burner for Windows which came with my
CD-RW, will be this enough to just a paste .iso-file to CD? Will this create a CD's boot strip?

Sorry, I don't know that programm at all. There should be an option to burn a CD from an image file, or sometimes a CD to CD copy, where the source "CD" is not an actual CD, but this file...

You can also download the free burning programm from http://www.cdburnerxp.se and via "File", "Write Disc from ISO file" would do the trick...
beaverton8770Author Commented:
Thank you.
I found they way to use B's Gold 5 to burn.
I't was easy, but I had so much going on recently, that I already don't remember how.
Probably I've used Help/Creating Data CD/DVD Disks/Using ISO9660 image files.

Knopix ran on T6212 without a hitch. I ran some small games, configured imbedded
NIC right from the Knoppix GUI and browsed the Internet.

I have new tasks fro Knoppix and perhaps will continue my series of questions about Knoppix.

Thank you.
Thanx and good knoppixing...

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