SNMP vs Web Services

Dear all,

If I were to design a system that would be used for monitoring over a network, do you think tailoring SNMP or creating bespoke web services would be more suitable?

The application would monitor both processes (Win XP and Unix) and machine statistics (CPU usage etc).  I could therefore write my own processes that would do the monitoring, which would be talking to a central application via SOAP - but if I can lever anything off SNMP it would obviously be better.

Any thoughts?  Much appreciated.
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sunnycoderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why not use SNMP and implement your own MIBs? That would be the best possible scenario and would give you huge additional advantage of inter-operatability, portability, and reuse of existing code.
u818264Connect With a Mentor Commented:
SOAP always looks like a good option as it is 1) easy to implement; 2) sounds sexy.  The fact is that SOAP uses XML which is just about the LEAST lightweight way of moving data around the place you can think of.  

SOAP is great for distributed hetrogenous systems, but if you are talking internal systems only, and especially in a homogenous environment, then there is pretty much always a better way.

The other thing is that if you use SOAP, you don't always know who is subscribing to your service down the line. That means that changing or removing that service at a later date is difficult, and will probably lead to someone else's code failing unexpectedly.

my advice is to always think long and hard about using SOAP, as the downsides are harder to see than the upsides, but they are potentially a nightmare.
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