treeview with 3 state checkbox

I am looking for a treeview control that has three state checkbox: ticked(true), unticked(neutral) and crossed(false).

If you have used  sql server, it's very much like those where you set table/query permissions, but in a treeview not listview.

idealy it's free...

Thanks very much!
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danaseamanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The standard State ImageList which has the Checkboxes does not support TriState. You can replace it with your own ImageList. See article and code at with sample code at Download (17kb). You will need to add the Grayed(Indeterminate) state images.  You update the State ImageList using SendMessage(hWnd, TVM_SETIMAGELIST, TVSIL_STATE, ByVal himl).

Your best bet may be modifying the VbAccelerator Treeview(free with source code) at You also need code to set the check state of child nodes when a parent node is clicked and code to set parent node check state to checked/grayed when a child node is clicked. There is a good example of how to do this at that you could perhaps adapt to Vb6.

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