Copyng from a Hard Drive to another

I want to install a hard drive from one computer to another computer that already has one HD. How can I transfer the data from the first hard drive to the exixting HD in other computer?  Thanks
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3MannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
set the jumper of the first hard drive to slave setting
when booting from the new HDD, you can see the first HDD as another drive letter
First this depends on the type of PC you are connecting the disk to. If this PC has 2 internal IDE channels, connect the disk to the IDE channel to which either nothing else is connected to, or if the CD Drive is the singel drive connected to a IDE channel, connect it to the same channel. Check the jumper setting of the CD Drive. If it is set to master and your disk's jumper is also set to master, just temporarily remove the CD drive for the duration of your copying. If the CD Drive's jumper is set to CS (cable select), also set the jumper of your Disk to CS. If that is the case you can keep the CD inside, if it's cable has a 2nd connection.

Once the 2 disks are connected, it depends what you want to copy from your old disk to your new one:

1. If you only want to copy Data files, just boot your system. Now it would help to know the OS of your current system to be able to tell you how to copy the data....
2. If you want to copy installed apps to your new system, this will not be possible with windows type OS's, as for most apps to work, an installation is necessary, which usually also writes information to the registry and other system areas. With linux it can be possible if your new system is similar to the old one.
3. If you want to move the complete old system including the OS to the new system, this can only be done properly if your new hardware is the same as your old one. If that isn't the case, a new installation is necessary (at least with Windows). Again linux is less strict here, but if the hardware is very different it is still better to reinstall in order to take advantage of the new hardware (or a recompilation of the kernel and modules can help).
If your hardware is the same and the OS is Windows, you need a program like symantec ghost, or better, Acronis trueimage server ( to transfer the complete contents of your old HD to the new one.
jamesgallardoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you will boot your system, take note that the filesystem of the second hardrive is readable on your current system. For example if your current OS is Win98, the second harddisk should have a FAT16 or FAT32 filesystem not NTFS because is NTFS, harddisk can't be read by your current OS.
WatzmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

All that you have to do to move the data, once the drive is physically connected, is "drag-and-drop" in Windows explorer or "My Computer".

Often when I reinstall Windows from scratch on a new, larger drive, or when someone gets a "new" computer, I will take the older (smaller) drive, and copy it's entire contents to the new drive.  On the new drive I'll create a folder (such as "Old Drive C"), and then I will copy the entire contents of the old hard drive to that folder, so that I know that I have everything from the "old" computer or disk drive.  Then, later, I will move things to the appropriate folder on the new drive ("My Documents", etc.).  Understand that while this copies programs, the programs are generally not operational in this manner .... they exist, but they are not "installed", and even their "existence" is in the "wrong" directory path.  Doing this is easy, the "old" drive will exist in "My Computer" as some drive letter, just open it, also open the destination folder ("Old Drive C"), select everything using "Edit / Select All") and drag it to the folder where you want the copy to go.


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