Exchange server hard disk crash priv1.edb 0KB - Exchange recovery process

Hi First post..

We have had a production exchange 2000 server crash this morning (Hard disk failure, RAID 5 config yet it didnt remain redundant. Have now managed to rebuild the logical disk, but there has been file corruption)

The priv1.edb file is 0KB
the priv1.stm is 2.6GB (so looking complete im assuming)

I have 850 .log files, and the e00.chk file

I have a veritas backup of the Information store, but it is listed as corrupt in veritas

I have a veritas backup of all Mailboxes, which looks to be good.

The short question is:

Where to go from here?

I have ran ESDEUTIL in recovery mode, with the following result

E:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\BIN>eseutil /r e00 /l"E:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDAT
A" /s"E:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA" /d"G:\mdbdata"

Microsoft(R) Exchange Server(TM) Database Utilities
Version 6.0
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1991-2000.  All Rights Reserved.

Initiating RECOVERY mode...
    Logfile base name: e00
            Log files: E:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA
         System files: E:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA
   Database Directory: G:\mdbdata

Performing soft recovery...

Operation terminated with error -4001 (JET_errFileIOBeyondEOF, a read was issued
 to a location beyond EOF (writes will expand the file)) after 2.234 seconds.

Is it possible to just create a new information store and dump the backed up mailboxes into it?

Any help would be much appreciated

help asap would be even more appreciated!!

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Exch_AdminConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If your online backups are corrupted, then you cannot restore from backup and replay log files.
Since you mention that you are having trouble mounting the stores and the store seem corrupt, and your online backups are also corrupt then the only option left is to work with the brick level backup of individual mailboxes.

Stop the Information store service.
Rename mdbdata folder to mdbdata.old
Create a new blank mdbdata folder.
Start the IS service.
Mount blank stores.
Restore from brick level backup.

You can also use third party utilities to extract data from a corrupted DB to pst files. make power controls which allows you to do this.

thegewseAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the steer in the right direction, i have done as you suggested earlier this afternoon, the store is back up, and ready for mailboxes to be restored.

Im battling with the completly useless Veritas 9.0 2 out of 3 times fails restores with either the remote agent crashing or a "Access denied" error.

It seems if i choose 3 mailboxes per job to restore it has more chance of getting through them!

Thanks for the help
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