working with curve

Posted on 2005-05-04
Last Modified: 2010-05-02
hello experts
how I paint a curve with having their dots and how I know two curve are intersecting
please write me the code of this
please write the answer in vb6
thank you
Question by:farhadtolooie
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    Accepted Solution

    When you plot or calculate the points for each curve add the points into an array.

    In a byte array set bit 1 if curve 1 passed that way and bit 2 if curve 2.


    Option Explicit

    Const Max As Single = 50

    Private Sub Form_Load()

    Me.AutoRedraw = True

    Dim bytGrid(Max, Max) As Byte
    Dim y As Long
    Dim x As Long

    ' Now calculate the points for curve 1
    For x = 0 To 2000 ' you set the start/end point for x
      y = x * 2  ' add your formula here
      If y >= 0 And y < Max Then ' make sure within extents to be checked
          If Not (bytGrid(x, y) And 1) = 1 Then
              bytGrid(x, y) = 1
          End If
          Plot x, y, RGB(0, 0, 255)
      End If

    ' Now calculate the points for curve 2
    For x = 0 To 2000 ' you set the start/end point for x
      y = 0.1 * x ^ 2   ' add your formula here
      If y >= 0 And y < Max Then ' make sure within extents to be checked
          If Not (bytGrid(x, y) And 2) = 2 Then
              bytGrid(x, y) = (bytGrid(x, y) And 1) + 2
            End If
            Plot x, y, RGB(255, 0, 0)
      End If

    ' now find ponts were intercepted
    For x = 0 To Max ' you set the start/end point for x
        For y = 0 To Max
            If bytGrid(x, y) = 3 Then
                Debug.Print "Intercepted: X=" & x & " Y=" & y
            End If

    End Sub

    Sub Plot(x As Long, y As Long, col As Long)

    ' translate a plot point onto the printable scale for the form

    Dim py As Single
    Dim px As Single
    Dim Offset As Single

    Dim XMax As Single
    Dim XMargin As Single

    XMax = Me.ScaleWidth * 0.9      ' max width to use
    XMargin = Me.ScaleWidth * 0.05  ' a small margin

    Dim YMax As Single
    Dim YMargin As Single

    YMax = Me.ScaleHeight * 0.9     ' max height to use
    YMargin = Me.ScaleHeight * 0.05 ' margin

    px = XMargin + (XMax * (CSng(x) / Max))
    py = Me.ScaleHeight - YMargin - (YMax * (CSng(y) / Max))

    Static bDone As Boolean
    Static lx As Single
    Static ly As Single

    ' set initial start points
    If Not bDone Then
        bDone = True
        ly = Me.ScaleHeight - YMargin
        lx = XMargin
    End If

    Me.Line (lx, ly)-(px, py), col
    lx = px
    ly = py

    End Sub


    Author Comment

    me.autoredraw is not define    in vb !!!!

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