How do I make 2 linksys routers work together?


I have a 4 port Linksys router that I use for my home network.  Works great.  I also have a 3 port Linksys router that I use for my Vonage phone line.  Works like crap.

My routers are like this.  Router 1 has 4 ports plus internet port.  Router 2 has 3 ports plus internet.  

I want to use Router 1 for internet and Router 2 for Vonage.

I'm not sure how to hook this up.  I want to feed a signal from my Internet router 1 to router 2.  

Should my signal coming out of router 1 go to a regular port on router 2 or the "internet" port?

I know you're asking why I don't call Vonage, right?  I did, and waited 30 minutes on the phone and then spent 45 minutes more with someone in India talking about what an "IP address" is......

My fellow english speaking a brother out, would ya.....


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Okay I think I know what you are trying to do...

Router 1 Linksys

Router 2 Vontage.

Here is the problem.

When router 1 is connected directly to your cable/DSL modem it is getting the real IP address, if you connect the router 2 to router 1 your using NAT this can cause a problem.

In an ideal situation what you can do is:

Connect to cable/dsl modem to router 1 into the WAN port.

Configure router 1 for DHCP

Configure router 2 to get its IP via DHCP

Configure router 1 so that the IP address of router 2 is in the DMZ of router 1. Doing so it will effectly be like hooking router 2 directly to the cable/dsl modem.

Connect the WAN port of router 2 to a LAN port on router 1

In theroy this should work :)

Let us know the outcome please :)


I am not sure I understand entirely what you are trying to do - you use a 3 port router for your phone line?  You mean VoIP, I presume... but how does this work for Vonage?  Do they give you a box that plugs into the router from which you can make phone calls using a standard phone?

Connecting the two routers shouldn't be too much of a problem though.  Router 1 is set up as you want it to be already - it connects to the internet and provides this connectivity via it's four LAN ports to the local network.

To use the second router, the easiest thing is to give the second router a different subnet range (e.g. if router one is, then set router two to, and plug the internet port of the second router into one of the LAN ports of the first.  The second router should obtain it's IP address from the first (a 192.168.1.x address) and it will treat that interface as internet.  Anything plugged into the second router's LAN ports should then have the internet (though it should be noted that you won't be able to see any devices plugged into the first router as they are essentially separate networks).

Hope this makes sense... if I have misunderstood, put me right!
cyoung3000Author Commented:
Thanks for the posts guys,

I'm going to try the configurations when I get home tonight.  This stuff rarely works right for me the first time so I will definately be needing your help...



Been doing it for way too long, it and rarely works out right the first time for me. :)

Here Here Marakush,

Make sure you turn DHCP off on Router2 and switch it to router and not a gateway.

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