How to import oracle database from one PC to another.

Dear Experts,
Please give me suggestion how to import full oracle database from one machine to another machine.
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Tomas Helgi JohannssonCommented:

use exp and imp commands as SYSDBA.
exp to dump the database into a file.
You can choose between  (E)ntire db , (U)sers and (T)ables.
You will also be asked if you want to export more items like data, grants etc.
Then copy the file between machines and import them (imp). ;)

You can also use ExtractDLL on DB objects if you use SQLNavigator or TOAD to
extract only the Schema or part of it (tables,views,packages, triggers etc).

  Tomas Helgi
Wasim_HaiderAuthor Commented:
Thank you for valuable suggestion.

The database service name is:
user name: ad
password: ad

It has more than 30 tables, more than 90 procedures, views and triggers. pls give me suggestiong with exmple how to import all the database objects from one machine to another machine.
Tomas Helgi JohannssonCommented:

Then you can run in command prompt
exp ad@serv AS SYSDBA
enter password
enter the name of the file (default expdat.dmp)
choose (1)E for entire database.
and other choises as you want.

  Tomas Helgi

wht u hav e to do is just export from one machine and import it to other u can use many modes  ie user lavel ,table level or database level...

follow this link

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