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how to learn everything about ms access 2000and 2003 in 3weeks

hey guys i hope everything is good well i'm asking this question because i could not find a job
for 3monts and i need to pay bills becuase i just got this appartment i was homeles for 1 yeart now i have a pleace to call home and don't want to lose it it's hard to live on the street iknow i don't want to go back thats why i'm preaperating my self to learn things so i can go to work .Well guys i friend that work in the jfk airport told me he can get me a job but i need to know about ms access i got 3 week to learn it thats what he told me if i want the job well guys i'm a quit leraned and have started to go online looking for tutorials so far i know a litte but i need to know more about   this things can someone help me please
if you know a lik to a a web page that vieos in this things that are free i will be very happy for it

 Creating Database Objects - Forms
What is a Form?
Using the Form Wizard
Creating a Form Manually
Using the Toolbox/Adding Controls
Sizing and Aligning Controls
Form Properties/Caption/Default View
Form Field Properties
Tabbing/Tab Order/Tab Stops
Form Field Cosmetic Properties
Adding a Text Field
Formatting Field Values

Creating Database Objects - Queries
What is a Query?
Creating a Query in Design View
Using the Query Wizard
Moving Fields in a Query
Sorting Query Results
Setting Search Criteria in a Query
Using Operators and Wildcard Characters
Searching for a Range of Values
Using AND/OR/NOT in a Query
Creating Parameter Queries

Creating Database Objects - Reports
What is a Report?
Using the Report Wizard
Creating a Report Manually
Adding Fields to a Report
Using Report and Page Sections
Setting Page Breaks and Margins
Adding Lines and Boxes
Adding Images to a Report
Setting Field Properties

Using the Properties Window
The Properties Sheet
Format Properties pt. 1
Format Properties pt. 2
Event Properties
Data Properties
Other Properties

Using the Expression Builder
Opening the Expression Builder Tool
What are Expressions?
Expression Builder Parts
Using String Operators
Using Values in Other Forms
Using SQL Aggregate Functions
Using the IIf Function

Relational Databases
What is a Relational Database?
Primary and Foreign Keys
The Relationships Window
Creating Relationships Between Tables
Editing Relationships
Resetting the AutoNumber Field
Fixing Data For Relationships
Setting Relationships in a Query

Advanced Forms Design
Creating a Switchboard Form
Using the Switchboard Manager
Creating Admin Tables/Forms
Adding a Combo Box
Setting Combo Box Properties Manually
Setting Control Default Properties
Adding a Subform with the Wizard
Adding a Subform Manually
Creating Calculated Fields pt. 1
Creating Calculated Fields pt. 2

Advanced Queries
Using SQL View
Creating Relational Queries
Grouping in Queries (Aggregates)
Creating Update Queries
Creating Delete Queries
Using Null Values in a Query
Creating Additional/Calculated Fields

Advanced Reports
Connecting Reports to Queries
The Sorting and Grouping Window
Cleaning up the Report pt. 1
Cleaning up the Report pt. 2
Using Counts and Sums by Group
Advanced Report Formatting
Using the Labels Wizard
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2 Solutions

The best place to start is the Microsoft Access HELP with the Northwind.MDB as database example.
u've more installed in the examples.

Check http://mis.bus.sfu.ca/tutorials/MSAccess/tutorials.html
not for free:

Access 2000 Developer's Handbook Volume 1&2 by Paul Litwin are excellent

And i do hope that u've some fundamental knowledge of sql and such cos its not that easy to just jump into
a language and od the coding.
All the best
Leon FesterIT Project Change ManagerCommented:
The best way would be to get off the Inet and start playing with the apps :)
Try to start everything with the

1) Importing the data to table
2) Create a simple query
3) See the differences between all the linkage between table and the different kind of query
4) Reporting/Macro/Form
5) Coding (SQL and VBA)

Well in term of books i will suggest you
Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft SQL Server 2000 in 21 Days by Richard Waymire

Well when you play around with it, you will find out the problem and this is what expert exchange is nothing but the best website for you to learn and refer...

it is simple and interesting book, with go through each of this, i assure you will go into more deeper and deeper on your own without any of this help anymore as long as you have the will and interest on it.

Hope Well and cheers

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For more,
1. Table is the place you put your raw data or maybe your output table (from Query)

2. When you have the raw data you can use add table function in query to manipulate it, (just create a new query and add the table and play around with it)

3. Form is the object which controlled by the VBA function which some sort of the function that allow you to automate the whole database or either the extra function that integrate between your database and the others application for example like Sending email, Export, Import, Update and so forth

4. macro is the Simpler way like form which allow you to do the task without the vba code needs.

5. Report is the place which you can perform your output in the way you like maybe pivot form

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

First of all, Congratulations on your new start in life!

Ok, if you need to learn a program like Access you need to start at the beginning and keep it SIMPLE.
I know the previous post mentioned things like SQL Server, and the Developer's Handbok. These topics will be far too advanced to learn in three weeks. They are great tools if you have been using Access for a while though.

Access is a complex program. I would be hard to "Learn" it in three weeks.

However you can establish a firm foundation in that amount of time.

What ever you do, make sure you have access to a personal computer!

All of the tutorails and books in the world WILL NOT help you unless you get some real "HANDS ON" knowledge of Microsoft Access.

I cannot stress this stongly enough. You have to go into Access and actually create your own Tables, Forms, Queries and Reports.

Take it from me. I learned the basics of Access in 2000. But it was not until I created my first database in 2002 that I really "Learned" Access. I am totally self-taught in Access. I just earned my Master certification here at Experts-Exchange earlier this month.

Again, you have to USE this program!

Another thing is that you have to ENJOY building databases. The program is so complex, that if you don't LOVE, it you will quickly become frustrated. Don't just learn Access because you think it will get you a job. You can apply that reasoning to any situation. Learn Access because you want to learn Access!

Again, Congratulations and Good Luck!
Steve BinkCommented:
My apologies to mingfattt and dvt_localboy (best answer, IMHO!).  I could only split between 2 answers.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

I have no problem with that.

It's funny though, that his post had a certain urgency to it.

A lot of people went out of their way to reply.

Yet he never acknowledged us???

Steve BinkCommented:
You would be suprised how often this happens.  That's probably a big reason why the CV group exists.  :)

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