Migration from nt 4.0 to windows 2003


I am having a mix of windows NT 4.0 and windows 2003 servers.I am mentioning below the servers and their roles

Sno      Operating System         Domain Name             Role           Applications used on it

1.      Windows 2000      -                               DC                           Web Applications
2.      Windows 2003 Std.               INDEL09               DC                           Citrix Server
3.      Windows 2003 Std               INDEL09            Additional DC              Citrix Server
4.      Windows 2003 Ent (2 Nos)               INDEL09               Clustered                 SQL 2000 Enterprise

Now right now for my domain indel09  citrix  is installed on domain controller.Now my question is :

If i create one more ADC to INDEL09 domain and transfer all fsmo roles to this Adc and make it GC.Will it make any impact on fuctioning of my citrix farm or clustered sql 2000 servers.

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The FSMO roles and GC has no impact on citrix or cluster. You should not have all FSMO roles for a domain on one DC though. See the following article: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;223346&sd=tech
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