Outlook 2003 sends email from wrong account

- I have Outlook 2003 running with more than one POP account.
- I DON'T have an Exchange Account.

I have two accounts setup in Outlook 2003.  For arguments sake lets say they are nick@nick.com (default) and mail@nick.com.  I have nick@nick.com set as the default email address and in the Accounts Settings they are listed in that order.

Even though I have nick@nick.com set as the default AND I select this account to send from when writing a new email it always sends the email from the 2nd account (mail@nick.com).  I have setup both reply addresses correctly and have recreated the same setup on another PC using Outlook 2000 and Outlook Express.  Both of these other applications send email correctly, however Outlook 2003 seems to have a serious issue with it.

For the life of me I can't seem to find a way out of it.  I'm no numpty when it comes to problem solving, but even Microsoft Technical Support (why I contacted them I have no idea!) haven't got a clue and told me to use Outlook Express!!!!!

Can you help?  It is quite urgent hence offering 500 points.  I also think its an bug in Outlook 2003 even though Microsoft say its not!

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Are your outgoing smtp server settings for nick@nick correct?
Just because you can receive dosn't mean the "send" settings are correct.  Most pop accounts use a different smtp server address for sending.

If Outlook cannot send via one account, it will look at the next account to send from.

You could try deleting the mail@nick account and see if you can send mail.
nixianickAuthor Commented:
Your comment was spot on!

I am a mobile user, always connecting to different openzone sites as well as an office wireless network and one at home.  

The nick@nick.com was set as my work one, and the mail@nick.com was set for my home account which I was using for the past couple of days whilst I caught up on some work from home.

I have always used Outlook Express for email until recently when I needed some more functionality.  Express always errored on one account and never tried to send from the next account.  It seems Outlook 2003 does!

Thanks for your help meintsi, its been greatly received.

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