Refreshing application icon after software upgrading

We are installing a new version of our software.
We have modified our application icons. (Desktop file assosiation etc')
The modified icons named the same as the old ones.
After the installation windows shows the old icons even though they were overridden by the new ones.
Only manually change icon action is refreshing the icons. (Properties->change icon...)
Is there a way to refresh the icons by code using MFC,Windows SDK or InstallShield?
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cookreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Delete the file:
c:\documents and settings\<<username>>\applicationdata\iconcache.db
you could just uninstall the old version and install the new one, so all icons would be safely deleted and then safely registred. ( i do this for one install, but i hope there is a better way, although a clean installation is better then overwriting a old installation)
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