Internet Transfer Control - download times

I am successfully using the Internet Transfer Control to download files via ftp and the .execute method
With InetOne
        .URL = "ftp://MySite"
        .UserName = "MyUserName"
        .Password = "MyPassword"  
        .execute , "GET www/FtpServer/MyFile " & app.path & "\MyFile"
        Do While .StillExecuting
        .execute , "CLOSE"
End With

This works fine however I want to be able to display the download progress so I need to be able to keep track of the number of bytes downloaded. How can I do this? Getting the size of the file is no problem - but how can I monitor the download?
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Hi jsb330,
You need to drop the internet transfer control for progress information - and jump to the "more direct" path using wininet.dll.
Try these links for examples:
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