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Checking for File Size & using OR Statements

I need a Batch File that can check the file size. For example: If <file> or <*.pdf> EQU to a certain file size then do a certain command.

Also, in a MS DOS Batch is it possible to do a OR & AND statment. For example: If %dd% EQU AM OR PM (Echo Yes) Else (Echo No).
I can't use the OR statement. How can it be used? Is it possible?

1 Solution
I'm not sure about DOS.  I would use a VBScript to do that.  Here's a site that has many examples of DOS batch scripts.

You'll need a small utility to get the file size - try "grade13" on this page: http://garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/batchutil.html

"or / and" are not possible in IF's, you'll need to construct something like this for your query

if %dd% EQU AM goto yes
if %dd% EQU PM goto yes
goto no
echo Yes
goto rest
echo No
... continue here

Batch is really a bit outdated, but fun. You'll need lots of small utilities like on that page above. Better would really be a vbscript.

Here are some more batch tools:
and a whole list of links:
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you dont need any tools...
this is for emulate the OR command.....

if <firstCOND> GOTO ok
if <secondCOND> GOTO ok
GOTO exit


and... for the file size
i think you can use the CALL command...
this is for colling another batch inside a batch

CALL batch2.bat %param1% %param2%

let me give an example:

-->this is batch1.bat
SET f1="file1.pdf"
SET f2="file2.pdf"
CALL batch2.bat %f1% %f2%

-->this is batch2.bat
ECHO %~z1
ECHO %~z2

this ---> %1 <--- is the first argoment (file1.pdf)
this ---> %~z1 <---- is the dimension of the first argoment (file1.pdf)

if your batch2.bat has the "OR statement" and your command you solved it...
for a full list of the parameters use this command in a dos windows:

good luck
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
i forgot...

if you need more the 9 parameters...
you need command SHIFT

when you tipe SHIFT the 1° argoment become the 2°
i mean:
CALL batch.bat %par1% %par2% %par3%
-- now the %1 is %par1%, %2 is %par2% ect...
-- now the %1 is the %par2%, %2 is %par3%

so if you have more then 9 parameters you can shift for use the 10° the 11° ect...

if you want to do something at *.pdf you need FOR command
this is the use

FOR %%A IN (*.pdf) DO ...

mix all

you need at least 3 file batch

@ECHO off
SET file="yourfile"
CALL batch2.bat %file%
SET file=    <---- this delete the enviroment variable
ECHO finisched....

IF %~z1 EQU <numbar> GOTO ok2
SET flag=0
FOR %%A IN (*.pdf) DO CALL batch3.bat %%A %flag%
IF %flag% EQU 1 GOTO ok1
SET flag=
GOTO out
SET flag=
ECHO work in progress wait...
<your command>
GOTO finish
ECHO noting done!

IF %~z1 EQU <numbar> SET flag=1

(you can put <numbar> in an enviroment variable like flag when calling)
hope this is all you need....

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