DVD Burners keep buring out

I have a client with a P3 pc and 512 ram on windows XP

He has a DVD rom and CD writer drive, both of these have worked fine for ages.

However, he bought a pioneer DVD writer off me and after a few days it burnt out but never really worked from day one he only magaged the odd CD-r data disk compilation.

So i changed this with my supplier after testing it on my pc and issued my client with a Benq DVD writer.

This after only a week or so has burnt out too.  What i mean is originally the door wouldnt open, then it eventually opened, but then the pc was manually re-booted and the green light didnt come on.

I decided to open up the cd and "void" the warranty knowing that id not get a thired replacement with the supplier and when the PSU of the PC plugs into the back of the burner the board has burn marks and also has a few burn marks on a silver circular thing at the front.

If the original CD-r drive has worked without problems and was put back into the pc for a week between replacing the first DVD burner is this a powr issue? is the PSU not coping with the extra power requirements of the DVD burner?

I look forward to any feedback.


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I would say the power supply is either faulty or can't deliver enough current and is sending the wrong levels.  It should be replaced as soon as possible, because a failing power supply can damage everything connected to it - motherboard, hard drives, video card.
Definitely, agree with Callandor, swap out power supply for a larger one and it will probably solve your problems. Don't wait because you mentioned it worked well for ages so it is probably old and can fry your Mobo or damage HDD if left unatttended.
Power supply is most likely the issue..  But

Make sure you change the IDE cables too and check that the power connectors are firmly in place and all 4 leads are tight.
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auraorangeAuthor Commented:
I have checked the cables, but the best way like said above is just change to PSU
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Can you try to unplugg all the Power cables for the HDD and the other CD-r and try to turn on the pc with the dvd only plugged.
Check if the green light is flashing? If yes then for sure it's a PSU Problem and you have to change it.
If it doesn't then try to take out the dvd and try it on another PC.
u didn't mention PSU rating.. 230/400 watts or something like that.. try to get a new 400+ watts pwer supply... ensure correct polarity of the connectors... what else...

try n use only one CD/DVD Drive intially to see the symptoms... use the Drive as a reader only first and if everything goes well... use it a a burner..

I would sugest this is most definetly a psu issue replace the psu with a known good working one and re-test i bet you will find this will correct your issue. Good luck.
Swap out that PSU, and all will be well, when your PSU undervolts or underamps, the resistors become ineffective for usage, they will eventually end op overamping and doing things like charring the PC Board like you have observed, it could be a bad molex connector, but I wouldnt take any chances, replace the whole PSU.
if you want to know your power needed, look here :


Another thing you can do is take out the CD -rom drive, since there is no real use for it anymore, thus diminishing the needed power
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot;

I have accepted the first correct answer
and using nobus' configurator the PC needs a minimum of 270 watt power

They must have upgraded it loads as it has 3 * ram 5* PCI + graphics dvd rom and dvd writer, but the power supply currently in there is 230watt.

Thanks for all the feedback, Mat

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