script to add schedual content download automatically

dear sir
i want to make a script which take from a text file an address
and add it to a schedual content download to isa server
any language can do that ?
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> and add it to a schedual content download to isa server.
Excuse my ignorance, but how is this done? Do you know? (..because I don't).

As for the rest of it, a simple Batch script can do this:

@echo off
title URL Schedular

set inputFile=filename.txt

for /f "delims=" %%U in ("%inputFile%") do call :process "%%U"
goto :eof

set line=%~1
:: Schedule the download of the '%line%' variable here.
exit /b


HTH :-)
xodosAuthor Commented:
it will open isa server and add a schedual content download for each line it takes from the text file ,
the script must take a line from the text file and add it as a schedual content download .
look what i want to do :
i have a dns cache only server and isa server on the same computer
in dns server there are many site addresses ,
i want to take the address from the dns and add it to the schedual content download in isa server to be downloaded daily at 1:00 am ,
i can do it manually but there are millions of sites
so a script is very usable here
hope you can help me
thank you very much

--------------------------------snip for

## Create a user agent object
use LWP::UserAgent;
$ua = LWP::UserAgent->new;
$ua->agent("MyApp/0.1 ");
$ua->proxy('http', "");

#Opens the urlfile.txt to get the URLS.
open(HND, "./urlfile.txt") || die " Can't open file : $!";
chomp(@arr = <HND>);

# print all the URLS content.
my $url;
for$url ( @arr) {
        print "Getting $url =======================================\n";
        print "====================================================\n";
        my $res = $ua->post($url);

        if( $res->is_success ) {
                print $res->content;
        } else {
                print "Unable to get $url\n";

        print "\n";

example urlfile.txt for above contains:
----------------------------------snip for urlfile.txt-------------------
----------------------------------snip ----------------------------------

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you can comment
$ua->proxy('http', "");

if you dont' have any proxy in between like:
#   $ua->proxy('http', "");
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