Sarge and IPTables - very urgent

I have Debian Sarge installed and trying to get IPTables going. I have an old set of rules ....

I have no /etc/init.d/iptables in this version. How do I configure IPTABLES and how do I save the rules so they will remain in the system

I am new to this, and I just want to set a very simple firewall up....


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You don't have /etc/init.d/iptables because the author has decided to remove it. But you have installed iptables, haven't you? Please `zless /usr/share/doc/iptables/README.Debian.gz` for more information.

Oh, and I suggest you go for shorewall, too. Firestarter might also be useful, if you just want a simple firewall.
Use to setup your iptables, it is much simpler to use and setup!
David PiniellaCommented:
check your kernel config to make sure that netfilter/iptables support is installed; if not you'll have to install a new kernel. After that, do
# apt-get install iptables

I would echo rindi's suggestions of using shorewall to configure the firewall (or check out webmin)
tom_szaboAuthor Commented:

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