how to repair hp xe3 blaptop battery ?

i have an omni book xe3 i want to repair its battery because am in soo hurry and in my country there isnt a spare part at the moment ... so how i could repair the battery like changing cells or stuff
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ddrdanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry for the delay. That link was just an example for the technology your dealing with and the complexity of the reprograming task.

I could not find a link on your battery.

I don't think you'll find a link for your battery sensing circuit? The only way to do a comprehensive search would be for you to pull the battery apart and read the markings on the sensing circuit and then web search with those numbers. Follow the instructions in that link for locating the IC #.

I wouldn't get my hopes up on any good hits for reprograming instructions though.
Hi cirusxxx,
Short answer: don't. it won't work. If you do, you'd better know what you're doing :) - note that you can't repair cells, you can only exchange them (playing with a charger is possible, but only if you know what you're doing - careful of explosions :)). You can take a knife to it, open the plastic casing then you'll see the cells. Take a note of the exact cell type and get replacements (maybe you can use a different model/brand laptop that has the same cells in it, I don't know). You'll need to solder them in to the loop. Close the plastic, tape it shut, and with some luck it'll work for a bit. BUT it it not meant as a permenant replacement. Good luck though!
You would have better results making your own external power supply.  If your laptop takes 18v, for example, find 3 6v lead acid batteries and hook them up in series, then connect the output to a jack that you substitute for the normal adapter.  You still have to lug around the batteries, though.
The bad part is .... it may not be the batteries that are bad. It may be the digital sensing circuit inside the battery pack that is bad. These circuits are next to impossible to find.

If you plan on changing the cells, be careful, some sensing circuits "must" have a power connection.
Quote: "During cell replacement, the circuit of many 'smart' batteries must be kept alive with a supply voltage. Disconnecting the circuit, if only for a fraction of a second, can erase vital data and render the circuit unusable."

A couple of links for understanding how the batteries work and illustrations of the circuit.

Here's an example on reprograming the sensing circuit. (you must do this to get the new cells charged properly)

I think your going to find that by the time you take the battery apart, learn the circuitry, buy the high grade batteries (typically $10+ each -- dont buy anything less than 2100mAh), reprogram the sensing circuit, and getting that stupid plastic case to go back together properly .... that it's just cheaper to look into buying a replacement. Especially if your in a hurry to get it replaced.

Try these guys if your in a hurry. I've heard good and bad things about their turn around time.
cirusxxxAuthor Commented:
ddrdan thx for ur post but the link u gave the last link is great but i ned on for my xe3 omnibook battery and not for the ibm please reply asap
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