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Windows XP TCP/IP Alternate Configuration

A Notebook will be used on two differente netwoeks: at home using DHCP and at the office using a fixed IP address. I have tried the alternate configuration without success (maybe I'm missing something).
If I set the fix IP first, then the Alternate Configuration tab is not shown. If I set the dynamic first and set the fixed as alternate, I get a dynamic while at the office.

Any suggestion/advice/guidance?
4 Solutions
if you have access to the dhcp server at the office, you can set your mac address to always give you the same ip address.  Either that or talk to one of the IT professionals where you work and have them set it up.  Then, anytime your mac address cconnects to the lan, you will get your static ip address
Either that or go into your router at home and change the subnet to the same subnet the one your work is on.  That way you can set up static ip addressing wherever you are
Greetings  phermi!

Check the link and see if this helps you. You can check the link from:


This links has the steps to configure your computer to use a DHCP obtained IP address along with a static IP address at the same time.
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You can use hardware profiles and adjust one of them for obtaining a dynamic IP address and the other one with the static one for home use.
My Computer > System Properties > Hardware > Hardware Profiles
Copy the first profile and rename it and modify it as you need it.

we use the configuration you are talking about, but i dont think its intended to be used if you have a DHCP server at work.  
We don't as we use static addressing, but occasionaly a router gets misconfigured and it starts dishing out DHCP addresses and that stops all our laptop users getting addresses.

Jimsz's idea of having the DHCP server issue the same address should negate the need for the alternte configuration.

Now when you get the dynamic at the office is it actually a valid ip address meaning they have dhcp setup or is it an APIPA address 169.254.x.x?if so you can disable this by in the registry navigating to this key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\
then go to your adapter name and add the following key IPAutoconfigurationEnabled with the type of REG_DWORD and a value in hex of 0.
or if you'd rather just disable it totally on the workstation
and the add the IPAutoconfigurationENabled ey with the type of REG_DWORD and a value of 0 in hex.
forgot to include that the first setting should be the DHCP and the second the fixed because you can type in a valid ip address as far as windows is concerned in the tcpip properties and plug into a network that is totally different and wont route it but windows still has a valid ip address so its happy.

Try something like the above.  It allows you to setup diffrent Network Configurations.  Set it up. Configure a Home and a Work Location.  Enter the Info for the Networks.  When you logon the program will startup asking you what location you are at.  If your at home select Home and all the Home settings will apply, (Mapped Drives, IP Addresses, Webpage Homepage, Default Printers, etc..) and when you are at work select the work network and it will customize your computer to connect to work.

Seelan NaidooMicrosoft Systems AdminCommented:
how is DHCP configured at home..
do you have  a DHCP server assigning addresses or a router asigning addresses?
We use a program called Mobile Net Switch for our users.  It works great and will even allow users without admin rights to change IP information.

phermiAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all for your valuable help.

Before closeing the question, is there then any usage for the Windowxs XP Alternate Configuration feature?

Yes useage for the Windows xp alternate configuration is usefull for a person who is going to be connecting to 2 networks. Example say you run a sales office and you have people traveling all the time. At the office you use static ip's well you dont want your sales person to have to change his configuration each time he goes out on the road and wants to use internet from a hotel room or a wireless network so in the primary configuration you have it set to DHCP when pluged in at work and you have no dhcp server it will use the static address and when they are out on the road it will use dhcp so can save tech calls from traveling sales people who are tyring to connect to the internet for work.

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