Windows SBS 2003 - Exchange and DOMAIN name

Company ABC is setting up a SBS2003 server to run, among others, Exchange 2003 to handle e-mail for its ABC.COM domain. While setting up the server, the DOMAIN name is asked. Typing ABC.COM will generate a recommendation from setup of not doing that (do not have the text of the message) and suggesting to keep the internal domain protected, or something like that.

If you accept the setup suggested domain, ABC.local, e-mail addresses for users will be created as user@abc.local.

Question from an SBS/Exchange rookie: How can you then handle e-mails for ABC.COM and having the users with their real e-mal addresses?

Thaks in advance
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
With SBS using a different EXTERNAL email domain is SIMPLE.  When you run the Configure EMail and Internet Connection Wizard (CEICW) from the To-Do list after installation, you will be prompted with a screen that asks what the External Email domain is... you simply put: in that box and you're done!  The CEICW will configure everything properly for SMTP mail.  No need to use a POP3 connector and I don't suggest trying to.

Assuming your MX record at your ISP is pointed to your SBS box, it will receive and send mail for perfectly.  Additionally, it will keep internal mail inside the LAN by using the abc.local addresses.


Dan_KimConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In server management go to "Internet and E-mail"

Then go to "Manage POP3 E-mail"

Then 'Open POP3 Connector Manager"

Then click on "Add"

Enter in the appropriate information for the users "real" email address and then the information for the associated exchange email address.

Make sure when you set up your internet connection that you enabled Internet Email to use exchange and that you chose the proper delivery method.  If you are using a dynamic IP you'll use TURN and if you are using a static IP you'll use ETRN.

phermiAuthor Commented:


Would it means that ABC's users will be using POP3/SMTP to access the Exchange Server?

What is the fundament for that setup suggestion? Is it "best practice"?

Thanks again

Im guessing you want  users to defaut to as email address rather than user@abc.local

understandable, user@abc.local dosnt exist

open properties for the user on server
- "email address" tab
---- click new
------- "smpt address"
------------- enter ""    replace "user" with user id
------------------ click "ok"
---------------------------click "set as primary"

Done, except you will have to do same thing for every user.

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
P. S.  If you haven't read over the Getting Started Guide, I'd highly suggest it:  It details items such as this.  Also, take a look at my thread here:  http:Q_21031607.html for other setup resources and tips.

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