Receiving Error on "Double-side memeory"

I have a PIII system that has 1 - 256MB PC100  Simm in it.   I took some memory out of an my celeron computer that I am not using.  When I put in the 3 32MB PC100 simms in my PIII, the computer on post said,

"Error - Double-side Memory" simm 2
"Error - Double-side Memory" simm 3
"Error - Double-side Memory" simm 4

What is double-side memory and is there a way to make this memory work with my other memory that is in my computer?

Please help...

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Some motherboards only like certain types of memory.  Double-sided memory has the chips on both sides on the PCB, and apparently your motherboard doesn't like it.  Nothing you can do except use the right memory, which you can determine with the memory configurator at
strongdAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info and thank especially for the link.

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