Setting up my own Internation Server !!

Hi, can i setup my own server at home and connect it to Internet. So that users from across the world can connect to my computer and i can provide EMAIL and hosting facility etc.

Is there any specific IP or DNS required for that??

No problem abt expenses.

Please help me in step, like should i contact local ISP or what will be the procedure.

I want my server to be at my home and connected worldwide.


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Yes you can.  You would want to talk to your ISP and get a static IP address from them.  Next you would want to buy a domain name.  Talk to your ISP, They will add an entry into there DNS Server so that your domain name will get resolved to your IP Address.  Next you would need a computer at your home and you would open port 80 and forward the traffic to your computer hosting your webpage.  That way they can get through your firewall.
You want to check out if you're in the US.  They provide high quality lines at decent prices.  Before talking to an ISP, if you'd just like to test out your server and hold off on getting a good buisness grade bandwidth line, try  This allows you to register a domain ( and using DynDNS if you have a dynamic IP to make sure the address points to your home server.  You can also get a free subdomain on one of DyDNS's domains (i.e.

One thing you might want to look into as well is a dedicated server hosting like ServerBeach (  Good prices, they handle the hardware and they have excellent connections to major backbones.
You also want to make sure that your home ISP doesn't block port 25, port 80 and port 110

Port 25: SMTP
Port 80: HTTP
Port 110: POP3

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