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Hi, i have a problem, i need to create a pdf file that MUST be able to replace a printed sheet. HOW?, Simple, i want to make the pdf file interactive by putting boxes with options that people can choose, but i dont know how to do it, that is why i´m asking. I need to do this to replace printed forms, and i also would like to add at the bottom of my pdf file a single button that would send me that pdf through internal email to me. I am inside a company. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Please forgive my english, i´m still practicing.
Thanks a lot,
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nomi17Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat this can be done.  You can create forms with text boxes, check boxes, etc., and then have a link/button on the page that will automatically forward the form via email.
have a look at the product from pdflib at
Acrobat provides an SDK for interacting with PDF files.  The term FDF means Forms Data Format and is a method you can use to do what you are asking about.  You can use virtually any programming language (even Perl, C++, ASP, or Java) to plop form fields on a PDF file, and programmatically do anything you want with them, filling them from a database, putting data from the forms into a database or an email.  It's a bit tricky to learn about, but once you learn it, you can do some amazing things.  If you have more than one or two forms you will need to do this with, it might be a way to go.  Here's a link:
I just recently came across Formulator 2.5 retail boxes available at nearby second-hand book store for only $10. Never mind , the manufacturers WEB site offers the same product you need for only 25 bucks.

 Formulator 2.5
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good luck
Further to Nomi17 if you have adobe acrobat go to help menu and look up form fields. With adobe Acrobat there is an addin to MS word so simply convert the word based printed sheet into pdf then in the pdf everywhere there is a spot to fill in something add a form field.
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