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Program to Encapsulate a VB Projects ocx, exe and dll's into Single .exe

I am looking for a program that can be used to encapsulate all VB6 projects ocx, exe, dll and all other required files into single .exe file that can be run without the neccesisty for an installation package. The program I am looking for is something similar to Bit-Arts Fusion, as this is exactly what I need, but Bit-Arts Fusion requires an internet conection to activate the software and I do not have an internet connection on the machine where I want to install it.

If anyone can tell me of a good program that provides this same functionality then please let me know.


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I don't think you will be able to do this through a third-party program due to the exe using Windows to access all the dll's and etc.  The best option would be to incorporate all the dll class files, ocx files, and other files into the vb project.  So when you recompile the project it will build them into the exe file.  However this will make the exe much larger, and those dll and ocx files will not be accessable by any other programs (since they are actually embedded into the exe.

To do this just go to Project and Add File, then you will need to add all the dll classes, ocx, and other files into the project.  Depending on how it was first created you may have to adjust some of the code for calling and creating the objects.  And you will need to un-reference those dll and ocx files from Project -> Components.

Let me know if you need some more info!

Lianne072600Author Commented:

Thanks for your response.

>>go to Project and Add File
I just get the message ".... .ocx could not be loaded", I have tried these with a few different files and it does not work for any of them.

>>you may have to adjust some of the code
It is a massive project and to rewrite the code with my deadline looming is not an option.

>>those dll and ocx files will not be accessable by any other programs (since they are actually embedded into the exe
That would not be a problem as the ones I want to incorporate are specifically for this project.

It looks like my only option is going to be to connect my laptop up to the internet (which I really didn't want to do)  so that I can purchase and activate the Fusion software as this does exactly what I want.

Sorry to hear that.

On loading the code for the ocx and dll, you would need the source code which should be .cls, .frm, .ctl, and .bas files. Or go to File -> Add project if you need more than just one or two classes. Sorry I wasn't clear on that before.

Anyways if your on a short timeline redoing the project would probably take too long, it looks like Bit Arts Fusion will do it.  Although I'm curious as to how much extra overhead it puts on the project?

Best wishes

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