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HELP - Move website to new IP address

Move website from shared host to dedicated server. New IP Address and same domain name.

1. What are the steps to take? I plan to do this at 3:00pm today.

More Info:
Our current domain name and website is through a reseller of a Verio VPS.
He is aware that I wish to change the A record today.
2. Do I also need to give him the primary and secondary DNS servers for our new dedicated account?

3. Does my new web hosting company need to give the primary and secondary DNS servers to me or am I supposed to know those since it is a dedicated server account?

4. How should I prepare the old site while DNS is changing?
For this site there is no database or e-commerce capabilities but I want to gain the preparation experience.
Next month I will be doing the same thing for a much larger website which has alot of traffic, is db driven, and brings in alot of money every day! The site I am switching today is an exact replica of the exisiting site but the larger site is a different and much larger site.

Thanks so much for any quick responses you can give!

2 Solutions
You appear to be talking about 2 issues as if they are 1. If your current supplier has the ability to change an A-Name record he his the NameServer, so he wont need the IP's of the new nameservers - cos he is the nameserver. So, is your new ISP going to be nameserver for your domain name? If so you don't need to give your current ISP any numbers - just request a transfer to the new ISP.

The other option is a 3rd party is doing the nameserving, in which case he just changes the relevant A Record for xxx.com to the new IP. In either case your new ISP will be able to advise the required action.

The real problem you will experience is the transistion time for A Name change to propogate around the net. Different users will be directed to either of the old or new, depending on their own DNS locations. This should end after a reasonable time, but could take upto 3 days. This is not a problem for a site with static content, as the 2 copies can overlap until the propogation process is complete. For sites such as yours - with live data and bidirectional dataflows etc - it poses a problem of lost or separated data. It should be possible for your current ISP to REDIRECT traffic bound for your old IP address to your current address, which should last longer than the propogation period.

Hope this helps.
you don't need to do anything, except you're responsible for your own DNS
anything should be done by the ISP/hoster. As said above: the DNS change may take up to a day 'til all cached data is renewed.
So it might be a good idea if the "old" site is up for a few more days.

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