Shared folders won't stay shared.

I have two computers with Windows XP on them.  I had several folders and drives shared on the server computer.

Recently, all the shares after the first two listed .....just vanished.  I can still access the files in the first two shares.  At first I assumed that when I had added another hard drive, that had caused the other shares to get messed up somehow.  So, I added them back in, and could access the files again from the other computer..  No problem, right?

Well, after about a minute, the new shares I added .....just vanished.  No warnings, no popups, no messages, no anything.

I added them again, and they vanshed again after 48 seconds.  Now, that's just weird.

I have a nagging feeling that this is something really simple that I'm overlooking, and I'm prepared to look like a fool when the obvious solution is pointed out to me.  Feel free to mock me.
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pcgabeAuthor Commented:
Hmm, this may be harder than it looks, or maybe no one looked at this question because the points were so low.  So, let's double them.
pcgabeAuthor Commented:'s only removing _hidden_ shares.  So "blah" isn't removed, but "blah$" is.  Curiouser and curiouser.
pcgabeAuthor Commented:
Well, I found some malware on my computer.  I don't know what it was gaining by removing shared folders, but they seem to be staying shared now.  Hopefully things will stay this way.
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