CD-ROM will not Read Audio CD's.

I have a Dell Optiplex GX260
512 MB RAM
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1.
Windows Media Player 10 is installed as the default media player.
The computer has a regular CD-ROM Drive (Non writable) (SAMSUNG CD-ROM SC-148A)

The computar fails to read any audio CD that has been inserted.  The CD-ROM has been replaced with a new one and still will not read Audio CD's.  The CD-ROM is able to read Audio-CD's in another computer.

I have tried uninstalling the CD-ROM from Windows and letting Windows reinstall the CD-ROM Drivers.
I have tried changing between Analog and Digital Audio.
The CD-ROM does not provide a play button, so I can't tell if it would play it using head phones.

Be aware that I state that I can't read the Audio-CD, not that I can't play it.  The computer simply will not recognize that there is a CD in the drive if the CD in question is an Audio CD.  I have tried different Audio CD'd, both commercial and "home burned" to no avail.  Data CD's are read without any problems.

I have not been able to try a Hybrid Audio/Data CD (CD-Extra).

Thank you for your help,

Mario Acevedo-Bengoechea
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huntersvcsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK - several things:

1) Motherboard updates (BIOS and drivers)
2) Is there a reason you are hesitating to install SP2?  Might be worth a try, but save your data first (better is an image - like with Ghost).
3) Check your controller settings - I have had experience that shutting off the DMA sometimes helps.  You can also shut off the digital support under the CDROM properties.
4) How are other CDs responding (non-Audio).
maacevedoAuthor Commented:
I am currently installing SP2 on this machine.  I wasn not hesitating, it's just that I never got around to it.

Data CD's are being read without a problem.

I had not thought about a BIOS update since it was working before, and other machines in the company have the old version of the BIOS and do not have this problem.  The update solved the problem however.  I can only think that a power surge or a fluke of nature somehow damaged the BIOS or something.

Thank you for your insight.
I suggest a problem with the install of Media Player 10. Try uninstalling it and reinstall. Otherwise get something like WinAMP and install that. If Windows has no association set up for Audio CD's it will not know which application to launch to handle the data.
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