I have a IBM @serie Server
it fit a aic-7892 adaptec scsi adapter
I want to buy a HD SEAGATE 36.4 GB WIDE UTRA 4 SCSI 10 K, LVD/SE 68 PIN
will this adapter work with this HD?
I think this SCSI adapter is ULTRA 160 and ULTRA 3 compatible
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Should be just fine.  The great thing about SCSI is, unless you have an HVD device and an LVD device, I've never seen SCSI equipment that wasn't backward compatible.  Meaning the drive you buy should be fine provided the controller is an LVD or standard controller (HVD devices aren't used much nor are the controllers, so again, you're almost certainly fine).
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